Tuesday, August 28, 2007

BLOSCARS 2007: PR Couture

Up Next: Crosby from PR Couture


1. So who are you and why should we care? (Translation, what is your blog about in detailed philosophy)

My name is Crosby and I started PR Couture, a blog about Fashion PR, back in December of 2006. In detail, PR Couture is an online blog for successful, emerging and aspiring fashion publicists, designers, students, and educators to share tips, tricks, challenges, and commentary about the role of public relations in the fashion industry. It was created in response to the lack of information available about the profession online, as well as my own personal interest in both fashion and PR. PR Couture believes that by sharing ideas and engaging in relevant debate, we enhance our skills, and increase the value of community within our chosen field. As it has evolved, PR Couture has also become a place to monitor and discuss the changing media landscape, in particular, the evolving relationship between Fashion PR's and fashion bloggers. Finally, PR Couture regularly profiles industry practitioners, highlights a weekly fashion PR internship, and writes about new media publications and the occasional media opportunity.

2. Why did you add yet another blog to the masses? What problem were you trying to solve and why was it so important to you?

I have always been interested in issues of legitimacy regarding the fashion industry. I can never quite understand how so.....

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