Monday, October 8, 2007


I know, I know. You have been eagerly awaiting the launch of our .com since my long hiatus last month. Well, worry no more. Although we officially launch next week, what would a sneak peak week be without inviting my dearest devoted readers to tag along. So go check it out for yourself, and be sure to browse our About page to learn about the new concept behind the website. Enjoy!!

PS- We will keep this site up for a month, after that you will be redirected automatically. Please update your bookmarks and linking. Thanks

Friday, August 31, 2007


Sorry everyone for the lack of posts yesterday. Fiance and I are working hard to bring you the best .com version of The L Report that we can. You'll be sure to love it! Scour the archives though, lots of goodies to find there....

photo credits: Dior Cruise Collection

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Well, not much to say except you know what that picture means right? Its personal stylist A-Z Shopping Report day! Oh do I have some goodies lined up for you. I finally will get my hands dirty on the 100 items under $50 Back to School list, and for everyone else...don't worry. My style expertise will have any women at any age and stage of life covered for this fall season. So don't go anywhere, that's coming up next!
PS- And be sure to go to through the archives to check out last week's goods under $30!...

V: VOLUME......UNDER $50!!

Extra volume in clothing is everywhere. The general silhouette is showing a growing acceptance of fullness in all areas. That easy fullness is likely to last a year or so before it begins to deflate to more form fitting lines again.

Rules for Wearing Volume Autumn Winter 2006/7
Fashion Wardrobe Tip
- Whatever your physique the trick to carrying off volume is to avoid choosing a garment that makes the body look over burdened with masses of fabric. You do not want to look like a walking duvet!

If you have a wide collar opt for a streamlined look below the collar line.
If you have volume in your sleeves try to have some waist definition.
If you wear full wide trousers, top them with a body defining neat top or a cropped jacket.
If you wear skinny jeans or leggings you can afford to have a more voluminous garment like a down puffy parka or fur trimmed jacket on the top half.
If you have good waist, but saddle bag thighs cover the thighs with a cinched waist fuller skirt with hemline interest.
Wear volume to look up to date, but wear volume in moderation.
Think of this volume in moderation rule before you buy.

Speechless Elbow-sleeve Knit Dress $29.00 @
Karen Scott 'Layla' Flat $29.50 @
Quilted Barrell Bag $48.00 @
Opaque tights $12.50 @
Earrings and Gold Owl Necklace w/ruby eyes $14.05 @

Sarah Turtleneck $26.50 @
SS Turtleneck and Woven Skirt $22.80 @

Boots @32.99 @
Village Pom Beret and Granny Satchel @58.00 @


There is something for everyone (whether you are casual chich, sexy siren or classically sporty) when it comes to the white and black trend, so go get you some!

Tip: Transition from spring to fall with neon and metallic accessories that keep your b/w looking fresh...




photo credits: all classic sporty available at, all sexy siren available at, all casual chic available at

BLOSCARS 2007: PR Couture

Up Next: Crosby from PR Couture


1. So who are you and why should we care? (Translation, what is your blog about in detailed philosophy)

My name is Crosby and I started PR Couture, a blog about Fashion PR, back in December of 2006. In detail, PR Couture is an online blog for successful, emerging and aspiring fashion publicists, designers, students, and educators to share tips, tricks, challenges, and commentary about the role of public relations in the fashion industry. It was created in response to the lack of information available about the profession online, as well as my own personal interest in both fashion and PR. PR Couture believes that by sharing ideas and engaging in relevant debate, we enhance our skills, and increase the value of community within our chosen field. As it has evolved, PR Couture has also become a place to monitor and discuss the changing media landscape, in particular, the evolving relationship between Fashion PR's and fashion bloggers. Finally, PR Couture regularly profiles industry practitioners, highlights a weekly fashion PR internship, and writes about new media publications and the occasional media opportunity.

2. Why did you add yet another blog to the masses? What problem were you trying to solve and why was it so important to you?

I have always been interested in issues of legitimacy regarding the fashion industry. I can never quite understand how so.....

Read More Here....

Monday, August 27, 2007


Hey guys! Well, as you can see from my new banner and subdued look, fall is officially upon us. And even though some of us are still burning our tush off, hopefully we can eventually come to embrace the boots and coats that makes this season every one's favorite. But no worries, turns out I was right with my TRENDBLEND ALERT report. There are tons of bold colors that will get you through the rest of your spring days without looking like you just jumped off a Burlington Coat factory ship. So keep still, because L's Top 7 is coming up next!

photo credits:

1: YOU

As always, the number one trend of every season silly. What is your fave look for fall?

3: L TV

Check out this video on the latest and greatest from the fall season!


You know whats on display this fall season? Well, if you are an avid reader, you know its something I discuss a lot and is a true passion of it DIVERSITY! Yup, you heard right. We can finally take our global multicultural looks and shove them down a blender, because this year no one got left out. Key designers to check out are Oscar de la Renta and Balenciaga. Its also a perfect excuse to head over to the library or do some online research and learn about the origin of these trends. Remember my saying: "No on is an island". Let's embrace each other!


Isn't it great when us working women (you know, the people that actually have to clock in, not socialites who release sex tapes and get rich) have a season all for ourselves? I mean geez, if you couldn't find a suit right off the catwalk that you fell head over heels (literally) for, then you must come from the middle ages. Handy-dandy Vogue put it best. The suit will be your strongest but this season, surely along with the coat. And the looks ranged from lean and mean to the hourglass retro 1940's that we have been loving all year. Of course there are our trusted designers that delivered without a doubt: Jil Sander with their everpresent structured simplicity, Tuleh and their romantic tailoring, Karen Walker's ecletic menswear mix, Max Mara for Italian precision, and the new editor's fave Rachel Roy.


I think this look can speak for itself. Knits are to fall like marshmallows are to hot cocoa. So get from under the fire and get some shopping done, because there is no way this isn't every ones fave trend year after year. Ahhhh, the feel of cashmere! And there are definitely some inspiring looks below that should get you pumped. I personally love Trovata's oversize cardigans paired with neon tights. So fresh! Or the belted coziness from Oscar de la Renta for office time luxe. But which do you like better to complete the look, the Trovata's oh-so-chic scarlett tights, or Stella McCartney's spicy red pumps? The options are clearly endless. Have fun....

PS- Don't think I left you hanging. Come back tomorrow for the A-Z shopping report for these same great looks on a steep, steep budget!


Finally a designer trend the average
fashionista can take to the bank! Or at least withdraw funds from to get in on the action.. And boy do we mean action. This fall was all about menswear, sport, street, and school-boy (or girl) prep. The key is obviously layering and staying original. All you collar-popping students, its your time to shine.

When shopping, choose a sport coat that is tailored specifically for women though, like the one you see to the right from J. Crew. No boys allowed in this jacket! The flattering look is for well-defined waists only. Add a dash of masculine style with this fall's standout. OXFORDS. The stacked heel adds just the right amount of feminine flair. And since the trend was so dominant this season, it looks like we had some competition on the runway. Which look did you like better, Balenciaga's slim-fit London punk or Phillip Lim's sophisticated

Sunday, August 26, 2007

BLOSCARS 2007: Fashionable Kiffen

Up Next: Jaqueline from Fashionable Kiffen

1. So who are you and why should we care? (Translation, what is your blog about in detailed philosophy)
I'm a freelance writer and blogger (you can read more about my clients on my blog), and really, there is no particular reason you should care unless you like my writing. My philosophy is simple, and the same for all my blogs (,, and write about interesting things that I think my readers will care about.

2. Why did you add yet another blog to the masses? What problem were you trying to solve and why was it so important to you?

Read More Here...


"She is the epitome of fabulous, stylish, and sophisticated. She is a New York based designer of clothing and accesories. She has a Dutch and South Asian background and is wife to Damon Dash of Roca Wear clothing. Her style is unique and calls for attention but is still classy. Her first fashion gig was sales for Wet Seal...back in the day."

I totally agree! Not to mention her new brand is better than some collections I've seen that have been around for decades! Boy, what a breath of fresh air to have such amazing multicultural talent around huh....

And its good to see some fashionable women from all stages of life are fans.....

Saturday, August 25, 2007

2 THINGS I LOVE: Style and Bags


Friday, August 24, 2007


Wow, what a busy week! My first week implementing the new weekly Editorial Calendar and I must say, although an exhausting shock, its great to challenge myself and my fashion writing skills. I think we should all take a quick second to evaluate ourselves and where we are in life today. Are you doing the best to challenge and push yourself forward in the direction you are trying to go? If you want to be a designer, have you read my post "So You Want To Be A Rockstar?" and bought the book I said would change your life already? If you want to be a stylist or fashion editor are you subscribed to every single fashion magazine in every country edition and know the mastheads from top to bottom? Do you even know what a masthead is? If you want to be a photographer, are you still chilling in your pj's browsing through online portfolios instead of going out and making your own? Come on people! Its a new dawn, a new day. And trust me, this is coming from a woman who has more insecurities than Britney Spears has pictures of her va-jay-jay, I mean issues...(cough) But guess what, I finally decided to one day stop BS'ing myself and do whatever it is I want to do, at 19 years old no less. I took a year off from college, started my own company, have my own website, have worked for amazing fashion magazines and done unbelievable projects with a fiance who loves me unconditionally and a family that is definitely not rich, but supports me in all my crazy expensive endeavors. From selling brownies in middle school, to selling my own clothing line in Barney's. Today, everyone who reads this should take a post-it, write down one goal, and just do it!

On a more relative note, today is News Wrap-up:L's Top 7. We have a lot of exciting things to discuss and learn about, including designers you probably never heard of. I've got the latest in what's going on at our fave affordable outposts like Target, H&M, and Topshop. Some reasons why you would know how Global Warming will be affecting your fall wardrobe. A round-up of couture's exciting celebratory month including all the anniversaries and collection reviews (how they will inspire Spring 2008) along with tips on creating a fall wardrobe from scratch, 1000 back to school buys under $50, how to break into the fashion industry, runway inspired room decor projects,
must-have secret beauty buys, and much more! So bookmark, subscribe to feeds and stay tuned because you won't want to miss out!


  • MONDAY: Trend Reports: L's Top 7 Fall 2007 RTW
  • TUESDAY: Personal Stylist/Lookbook: A-Z Shopping Report
  • WEDNESDAY: Fashionographies: House of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld
  • THURSDAY: Entertaining Fashion: Window Shopper
  • FRIDAY: News Wrapup: L's Top 7
  • ALL MONTH: BLOSCARS 2007 Interview Series!

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